How to use the Key-in Service:

  1. Register here to the service with an email address: Activation to Key-in
  2. Receive confirmation email
  3. Open email and confirm email address
  4. Complete the registration
  5. Create an e-invoice to UPM. Find here the UPM Organizations
  6. When creating your first e-invoice go to: Home-Create an Invoice-Recipient.
  7. Please search and select your preferred UPM organization(s) from the Recipient-list. Click on the star next to the UPM company name and it will turn black. All the companies with a black star will show on top of your list of invoice recipients.


Support material User guide for Key-In portal

For more information about mandatory invoice contents: Requirements for Invoices

Please contact UPM at:
Please contact Basware via ServiceNow