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C lick here to Join the Webinar>\;>\;

In this webinar\, you will learn:

R 26\; How to implement Automation using Teams\, Azure Cognitive Services\, and O365

•\; How embedding automatio n into MS Teams help organizations implement it at an enterprise scale

•\; Benefits of Adaptive Automation

•\; Demo of common Automation Use Case s: Helpdesk tickets\, Employee onboarding / offboarding \, Approval workflows\, Hardware and Software requests


Why Softura

•\; Proven Adaptive Automation framework to identify and implement automation use ca ses rapidly

•\; Experienced Conversa tional AI team that consists of Machine Learning Engineers from Google\, S ervice Now\, and the University of Michigan

•\; Microsoft Gold Partner

• \; ISO 27001 / CMMI DEV 3